Efficient software that allows you to make yourself available as a driver or find rides

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Uber is the largest ride-sharing service in the world, operating in over 50 countries. Through the service, users can find a ride to wherever they're going. Rides typically show up within 15 minutes, and then passengers find themselves on the move. The Windows 10 Uber program allows users to hail a ride from their computer or compatible smartphone in seconds.

In Windows 10, the Uber program works as intended without too many hiccups. Users can manage their account information and payment options. They can book a trip and get an estimated fare based upon their chosen ride type. Likewise, drivers for the service can manage their accounts without a hassle and other features are available as well.

Then again, the Windows 10 app for Uber isn't a perfect program. Certain features from the Android and iOS versions of Uber are missing from Windows 10. Some users may find the program a little slow or that it crashes from time to time. Without a doubt, Uber's Windows 10 program isn't perfect when pitted against other versions of the app, which is a shame.

Seamless switching between a Windows 10 PC and a Windows 10 Mobile device comes in handy, though. Also, fare splitting and fare estimate features prove useful for riders. Getting in touch with the driver for any reason couldn't be more simple. Uber has created a well-designed app with many features that runs on desktop and mobile platforms. For regular users of the service, Uber for Windows 10 may prove invaluable and worth downloading.


  • Fare estimates and ride splitting features
  • Available on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile


  • Application sometimes experiences crashes and bugs
  • Features found on other platforms are missing

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